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Bluebell Walks


Over half of the world’s population of bluebells can be found in the UKs woodlands. Located in the stunning National Forest, East Staffordshire is privileged to be home to many bluebell walks.

The soft blue hue of bluebells carpeting the forest floors signal that spring is here and summer is on its way. Something to make you smile after the long dark nights of winter, and turn to a life outdoors again.

But you need to be quick! …as the unpredictable bluebell season is a here and gone in a heartbeat. Bluebells are predicted from mid April to mid May, but heavily dependent on the weather. The first bluebells are usually seen in the south of the UK and then the fragrant blue hue moves in a wave up through the country, reaching the Scottish woodlands about three weeks later. So keep your eyes on social media posts and then go, go, go!


Go out and discover some of our favourite East Staffordshire bluebell walks:



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