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    Forest Harvest Woodland Workshop


    Working in the outdoors and growing things is a wonderful distraction for anyone whose time is spent working in an unnatural urban environment. Even if it is merely a window box it is an antidote to modern day living. It’s fun and open to all!

    Forest Harvest promotes an alternative life. It is a hub for people who are interested in promoting self-sufficiency and permaculture using methods that work in harmony with the natural environment.

    As well as working with the land Forest Harvest offers education in various country crafts and skills. These range from courses focused on food and growing food for one’s own family (or just for fun), cooking and preserving processes, to acquiring traditional craft skills like basket weaving and wood-turning.


    At present Forest Harvest has two sites which demonstrate, as far as possible, our principles of working the land lightly.

    The smaller of the two sites is a one-acre forest garden first planted up in 1989. It is located next to ancient common woodland on the route of the National Forest Way.

    The second site, comprising four acres, was acquired in 2008 and planting began shortly afterwards. Its design follows the principles of John Seymour, the famous self-sufficiency guru of the 1970s. These include: rain harvesting, energy capture, different methods of growing, and preserving foods.


    07802 401 995


    Woodmill Workshop
    Dunstall Lane
    DE13 8PG

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