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Outdoor Education

Here at Golden Badger we know that Forest Schools are fun and a brilliant resource to have available to children. It teaches many wonderful lessons that children need to learn and hinges on the learner being regularly, actively engaged with their outdoor woodland environment.

However, Forest Schools is a model that was developed for the Scandinavian education system and its purpose is not to meet curriculum objectives that are in the UK National Curriculum. We believe that regular active engagement with our outdoor environment is crucial for healthy childhood development.

There are many National Curriculum objectives that can be met in an outdoor setting without taking away from the time needed for Forest School objectives.

We offer survival and bush craft skills days on your school site, offering a package tailored to you, your school and your learners.

We also offer staff CPD in connection to outdoor learning.

Outdoor education lessons delivered by a qualified teacher that have specific national curriculum learning objectives.



Burton upon Trent
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