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Church of the Holy Angels


The Church of the Holy Angels has been a focus for Anglo-Catholic worship since its foundation in 1874. Built by the Hon. Emily Meynell Ingram as a memorial to her late husband, it sits on a wooded ridge next to Hoar Cross Hall, dominating the local countryside. The church was built without regard of cost and caused Bodley (it’s architect) to comment ‘Oh, that one had more opportunities as was granted at Hoar Cross’.  The building is decorated throughout with stained glass by Burlison and Grylls .

The walls of the nave are hung with a set of carved Stations of the Cross in gilded frames.

The organ, based on a Green instrument from Bangor Cathedral, lies behind an elaborate case, designed by Cannon Sutton.

There are a number of side chapels, including a Lady Chapel and Chantry Chapel, which contains the Meynell family memorials.

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Conducted tours can be arranged for groups at a mutually convenient time by contacting the Tour Co-ordinator. Refreshments can be provided by arrangement.

A copy of the Guided Tour booking form can be found here.



One of the great beauties in the Church of the Holy Angels is the ‘Stations of the Cross’. In 1894 Emily Meynell Ingram sailed to Antwerp to visit the World Exhibition Amongst her companions was Canon William Knox-Little, the vicar of The Holy Angels church.  The exhibition opening had run into delays and so they decided to explore the Antwerp churches. During their stay in Antwerp they visited the church of Saint Paul and Emily became very much attracted to the ‘way of the cross’ by De Boeck & Van Wint. Emily ordered a ‘way of the cross’ for Holy Angels from De Boeck & Van Wint. Emily had seen the result of the sgraffito technique during one of her travels, at the Church of Mary in Danzig (now Gdansk). The technique involves colouring an artwork, then gilding it and consequently scratching away the gilding in patterns by means of a fine prime. Emily ordered Powell, a craftsman from London, to apply that sgraffito technique to the way of the cross by De Boeck & Van Wint. The sgraffito treatment by Powell complements the richly decorated church of The Holy Angels.

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Church of The Holy Angels
Makers Lane
Hoar Cross
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